Mahiyaing Tala
✓ ‘Yung hindi naman kayo, pero alagang-alaga ninyo ang isa’t-isa. 24th Mar 2012 | 192 notes
I love being with you… 24th Mar 2012
22nd Mar 2012 | 109 notes
Night 7/7

And then you were here and we’re together. I’m too happy I can’t even believe you were beside me. How I really missed you so much. :D

15th Mar 2012

'Di alam kung anong dapat maramdaman
May dahilan ba para magdamdam
Saan lulugar, ako’y naguguluhan
Luluha na lamang dahil nasasaktan.

15th Mar 2012
Night 6/7

We sometimes misunderstood each other but pride will never be an issue. I don’t know if that’s bad or what but I can forget my pride for you, that’s how you really mean to me.

Tomorrow you’ll be coming home but still, I’ll spend another day - another night without you. Which only means another sleepless night for me plus the fact that I’d be missing you more. How excited I am to be with you again is infinite.

14th Mar 2012
Night 5/7

Everyone’s looking for you and they keep on asking me… I think they miss you too. :)

You are consistently sweet. Finding time to give me a call everyday is too much appreciated. 5th night but I’m still having a hard time sleeping. Just imagine how I really miss you.

13th Mar 2012
Night 4/7

Monday. Sad to start the week without you. But you imitating me really made my day… Your voice… How I miss laughing with you… Few more days to go…

12th Mar 2012
Night 3/7

I know you have so many things in mind when you’ve spoken those words that hurt (which I hope you didn’t really mean). A little misunderstanding perhaps but trust me I’ll always try my best to understand.

P.S. Your voice made me miss you more.

11th Mar 2012
I hope you will realize how important you are to me.

~ Tala

11th Mar 2012
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