Mahiyaing Tala
I love you like
how air allows mankind to breath.
I love you like
how fire blazes comfort and warmth.
I love you like
how water runs continuously.
I love you like
how earth gives life to humanity.

~ Tala

3rd May 2012
Night 2/7

I’m so excited to see you and be with you again. It felt like a month since I last saw you but I know you’d think that I’m exaggerating since it’s only been a day. Haha. But really, I’d go bonkers if I wouldn’t see you for one more day. Knowing that you’re too far is making me think not so good things and I’m missing you so bad I couldn’t think right.

P.S I love you.

24th Apr 2012
Three rules in a relationship: DON’T LIE, DON’T CHEAT and DON’T MAKE PROMISES you can’t keep… 24th Apr 2012
Night 1/7

I know, not all the time you’re just here… But still… Urghhh… This is making me crazy… I miss you too much, I couldn’t sleep…

23rd Apr 2012
Ang isang tao kapag nagseselos, isa lang ang ibig sabihin, natatakot siya na mawala yung taong pinahahalagahan at mahal niya. 15th Apr 2012
Woke up on the fifth day still missing you, badly. 9th Apr 2012
Sa ilalim ng liwanag ng buwan
Hinayaang lamunin ng dagat
Mga takot at pangambang
Sa kalooba’y nagpapabigat…

~ Tala

9th Apr 2012
Happy Birthday to the sweetest guy I have ever met

…I want you to know (and I wish you could feel) that you are loved… by me of course. :)

2nd Apr 2012 | 1 note
Oh please…

…don’t react like that again in front of me…

Ako’y pagpasensyahan…

Sadya lamang talagang sinusumpong ng pagka-selosa paminsan-minsan.

28th Mar 2012

… you told me I’m your princess and that… you are starting to love me…

Can I just let you know that I already felt that weird feeling for you since the first time we met? :) 

25th Mar 2012
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